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Hyperice Knee - Ice Compression Device

  • Neoprene compression wraps with built-in ice chambers for cold therapy use.
  • Designed by a team including aerospace engineers and tested on high-performance athletes.
  • Composed of 2 structurally integral devices that work together to deliver cold compression therapy using real ice.
  • Ice Cell chamber uses an air release technology valve to seal the compartment and keep ice colder longer.
  • Ice Cell is made from an antimicrobial “skin”.
  • Compression wrap and chamber make direct contact so ice can adjust around affected body part and form a temporary “ice cast” for comprehensive treatment.
  • Wraps are made from premium water-grade neoprene foam that’s used in high-performance wetsuits.
  • Multidirectional straps attach anywhere on the compression wrap.
  • Wraps available for shoulder, extended shoulder, back, knee and utility (wrist, ankle and elbow). Some wraps can be worn on either side.
  • Color: black
  • One size fits all.

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